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The benefits of ducted air conditioning.

The ducted air conditioning system is the perfect choice if you are looking for complete and self-contained air conditioning system for your home or business.

The ducted air conditioning system is the ideal cooling solution, particularly if you need to control the temperature in individual zones or rooms. These systems pass air into each room of the building via ducting or pipe work in much the same way as a ducted heating system.

How does ducted air conditioning work?

Much like most other types of split systems, the main unit is positioned outside the house either on the ground or on an outside wall of the building. Cooled air is passed through the ducting system via the indoor distribution unit, which is usually situated either under the floor or in the ceiling. From here, the cool air is fed to individual rooms through vents positioned in the floor, ceiling, or walls.

The operational simplicity of ducted air conditioning is that you only need one unit to cool the whole building. Each room can be controlled separately making this a very economical system. For example, users of this type of system can choose to cool only the living rooms during the day and then switch to bedrooms only at night.


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