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Split System Air Conditioning on the Gold Coast

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Split system air conditioner units are one of the most popular types of systems in use today. They derive their name from the fact that they are designed as two separate components. The business end (compressor unit) is installed outside of the building, on the ground or an outside wall, and connected via pipe work to the condenser/distribution unit. The part inside the building delivers the cooled air into the room.

Brand name split systems installed by experts

We offer a wide range of air conditioning split systems from leading manufacturers, including Daikin, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Electric, at very sensible prices. Our expert team of air conditioning engineers can calculate the optimum capacity of unit or units required to suit your specific needs. They will take into account both economy and efficiency to ensure that you are provided with the best all round cooling and heating solutions.  

The benefits of split system air conditioners

Single installations of split systems can be configured for most room sizes, and multiple units are often used to service larger areas, such as offices or shops. One single compressor unit can be connected to several indoor fan units, allowing users to utilise temperature control for multiple rooms.

Virtually all modern air conditioning split systems are the reverse cycle type, which enables them to be used for heating during the cooler months of the year.

Gold Coast offers breezy living with their split system air conditioners and installation


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